Secret to Success

In order to be successful within your career you need a plan, yawn yawn!! I know this all sounds boring but believe me work with us and you will soon see the benefits and interview offers rolling in. A clear, concise and realistic plan will minimise your negative responses, but more importantly enable you to understand your strengths, what you can offer and ultimately how to make yourself the most desirable and attractive candidate by promoting your worth to recruiters. We work with you to create a bespoke plan, covering all aspects of your career. This intensive support will fully equip you to literally shine out to recruiters ensuring and get the job you want.

What you get:
• Hour and a half consultation with a fully qualified advice and guidance officer.
• Comprehensive job search action plan covering who, how and when to approach potential recruiters.
• Future training options outlined.
• Easy action points to guide you step by step into your next job offer.

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