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Recruitment Package

We all know that your CV is a fundamental part of looking for alternative job. Did you know that each approach needs to be tailored differently! This package provides a fabulous new CV and 4 Cover Letters resulting in your own diverse and conscientious recruitment pack. This will aid you with not only your current job search endeavours but will arm you with the ability to confidently alter the way you create future applications. Knowing that Career-train is here to have further free reviews to keep you in track.
What you get:
• Consultation, in person, via skype, telephone based or via email questionnaire to gauge a true understanding of your requirements.
• A professionally structured CV tailored to your job search needs.
• X4 Structured approaches, yes that’s right 4 approaches to literally cover every recruitment eventuality and get the interview offers coming in.
• Information on how to structure future applications.
• Factsheet on how to effectively plan for an interview.



College/School or Graduates with our without a part time job.

Early Career

0 – 10 years’ work experience or up to supervisory level position.

Mid Career

10 years plus experience up to lower management level.

Advance Career

From middle management onwards.

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