Posted April 21st 2015

Trawling the net for free cv writing help?

Well here you go an easy to follow 5 step guide to what to do to achieve a professional looking and flowing CV with my top 5 FREE CV writing helpful facts.

1) ALWAYS SPELL CHECK……. The biggest frustration to any recruiter is receiving an approach that has errors. It shows no time and effort has been made and will see your CV in deleted items or trash every time.

2) STRUCTURE…… It is important to have a structure covering your contact details/your strengths/employment history/and qualifications. (I would suggest ordering your CV dependent on your skills and experience, if you are qualified but lack experience, lead with your qualifications and try to demonstrate skills that are associated with the roles you are seeking in a transferable sense, from a personal experience and previous employment)

3) FLOW…… Do not use 30 words when 10 will state your point. Recruiters take between 4-10 seconds to scan your CV, if you ramble and not get to the point you will lose the recruiter’s attention.

4) EVIDENCE SKILLS….. When explaining your previous positions, use your job descriptions as a guide but evidence each task, rather than just saying “dealing with customer enquiries” – give an idea of the amount of customers you would deal with an average day, the types of enquiries specifically sales/complaints/general enquiries/information giving. Show that you are experienced in the different types of customer service that the roles you are applying for demand and recognise.

5) KEEP YOUR CONTACT DETAILS UP TO DATE…… A silly error but one I have seen on so many occasions.

Brave enough to send YOUR CV to be reviewed??   Dare you!!


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