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  Where to start when writing your CV…. Starting a CV or Application can be difficult especially when positions are highly competitive, and your CV or application is the first impression you give to a prospective recruiter, to impress and make a true representation of your abilities and personal worth. Ever approach requires a well-structured […]

Posted May 6th 2015

Want a better job, trawling through sites for tips and help, save time and pay for professional help to get a better job. Having worked with over 200 people and getting them a better job all in under 2 years.  Better jobs are common for Career-Train customers As a potential customer of Career-Train, this post […]

Free CV Writing Help Canvey Island, Career-train can get you noticed.   Want some free CV writing help or just need a professional pair of eyes to give you suggestions and tips for improvement here are Career-train we provide completely FREE review of your CV.  Alison Joel the founder of Career-train has a Diploma in providing effective […]

Posted April 21st 2015


Trawling the net for free cv writing help? Well here you go an easy to follow 5 step guide to what to do to achieve a professional looking and flowing CV with my top 5 FREE CV writing helpful facts. 1) ALWAYS SPELL CHECK……. The biggest frustration to any recruiter is receiving an approach that […]

Canvey Island CV Writing and Job Search help is delivered by Career-train a Canvey based company that offers bespoke solutions to your job search frustrations, helping  Canvey People get into better paid and more rewarding jobs. So whether you want help writing a professional, structured and audience specific CV, or assistance to prepare a strong application and […]

Posted April 10th 2015

Received this lovely feedback about a previous client today.  I am so proud to have made a difference and helped yet another Career-train customer into a better suited job. “I’d just like to say a big thank you to Alison. After searching for a job for well over 2 years, my daughter Kya approached Career-train. Within […]

“I would like to thank Alison at career train for her friendly and professional support and advice. Career train helped me rebuild my cv and get the confidence I need to get back out into the job market. I am now a HR manager at an accomplished business and really enjoying it. I would not […]

Posted April 4th 2015

“Ali this is absolutely amazing I am so pleased with it I would be grateful of any help with the job search. I would definitely recommend you, I am your biggest fan right now Claire”

Posted April 4th 2015

“I approached Alison Joel to help me with my CV as I was applying for an apprenticeship as a garment technologist. Alison puts a lot of work and research in the position you are applying for. I would never have been able to have written my CV like she does. I would advise anyone who […]

Posted April 4th 2015

“I was stuck in a bit of rut at work, looking for alternatives but still using a CV that I had re-worked for the past 10 years or so. I approached Ali and we arranged to meet up over a coffee. I loved the way she talked me through my work and life experiences. It […]